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Cork Tile & Plank Flooring from Wicanders

A striking variety of cork tile and plank flooring is offered by Wicanders, a pioneer in the world of floors. S&G Carpet and More is proud to carry this beautiful flooring in our seven Northern California showrooms located in Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Elk Grove, Pleasanton, Santa Clara, San Jose, Cupertino, and soon in Pleasant Hill. Wicanders cork flooring is more than just a unique-looking, quirky solution to your flooring needs. It’s also a sustainable, green-friendly and durable product that can improve your home’s beauty and comfort. We love Wicanders because these floors can improve the ambience of any space. You can browse our great selection of Wicanders cork flooring at our showrooms or by setting a shop-from-home appointment.

Innovative Cork Flooring from Wicanders

You might be familiar with the cork Wicanders uses from its use in wine bottles, but there’s much more to this natural forest product than you might think. Made from the bark of the cork oak, Wicanders cork flooring has a honeycomb structure that provides it with unique strength and durability. Wicanders cork flooring’s sponge-like texture means that it’s comfortable to walk on and is ideal for pets. Of course, Wicanders offers cork flooring in styles that range from raw cork to hardwood to tile.

Wincander cork flooring is also a great insulator. Wicanders will help to keep your home cool in the summer and will help prevent heat loss during the winter. Wicander cork tiles are regarded as a great insulating material and have been used in a wide variety of public and private spaces. Wicanders cork tiles and planks can also be used with a radiant floor heating system, but you’ll need to make sure that you don’t heat the floors beyond manufacturer-specified parameters.

Wicanders is also a favorite at S&G Carpet and More because they’re focused on sustainability. In its 200-year lifetime, a cork oak can be stripped an average of 16 times. Stripping doesn’t damage the oak and actually helps the trees fix carbon dioxide, which protects the planet. Cork harvesting also provides essential economic opportunities to families living in the communities where the tree grows.

Wicanders Cork Tile Flooring

Cork tiles from Wicanders offer the beauty of a square-centric design in a variety of finishes. Stone and contemporary styles are available, but Wicanders also offers basic, natural cork floor options. Finishes range from bright whites to midnight blacks and feature accents of color that add the illusion of even more texture than cork already offers. A multilayer structure and high-quality finish make Wicanders cork flooring incredibly durable.

Wicanders Cork Planks

If you’re shopping for cork flooring that mimics hardwood, there’s no better choice than cork planks from Wicanders. Styles from Wicanders range from rich, traditional species to distressed, contemporary stains. Wicanders plank floors use the same multilayer structure and high-quality finish that make cork tiles so durable. They’re also easy to install and require no underlayer.

Shopping Cork Flooring from Wicanders

At S&G Carpet and More, we’re proud to be the Sacramento Valley’s and Bay Area’s premier supplier of Wicanders cork floor tiles and planks. Our knowledgeable flooring consultants can help you understand the benefits of cork and pick the right tiles or planks for your space. When it comes to durability, value and beauty, Wicanders truly has the “it” factor.