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Unique, Sustainable Floors from US Floors

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Choosing flooring is about more than opting for style and value. It’s also about buying from a company with a strong record for durability, innovative designs and sustainability. US Floors is an American-based, eco-conscious company offering cork, hardwood, bamboo and luxury vinyl flooring. They offer an array of striking designs that are perfect for any space. High-quality construction, gorgeous materials, craftsmanship and overall durability make products from US Floors popular with clients in our seven Northern California showrooms.

Focusing on the Unique and Sustainable

usfloors-coretecUS Floors opened in 2001 and is the only cork and bamboo flooring supplier with manufacturing facilities located in the U.S. In fact, the company is headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, where many of its flooring products are milled and finished. The company places great value on uniqueness and sustainability, working hard to supply floors that exceed consumer expectations while having a minimal impact on the natural environment.

Natural cork and bamboo are favorite US Floors offerings, but the company also excels when it comes to hardwood and luxury vinyl. Each of their flooring products has been designed to offer excellent aesthetic value without compromising quality. US Floors also focuses on using Forest Stewardship Council-certified hardwoods, a strong demonstration of the company’s commitment to caring for forests.

Cutting-Edge Flooring Construction

us-floors-CoretecDurability is a big selling point for any flooring company, and US Floors truly excels when it comes to making long-lasting floors. The company’s patent-pending luxury vinyl product, COREtec flooring, is a best-in-class choice for absolutely every area of the home. Its unique construction means that COREtec flooring repels water without any damage to the flooring itself. Complete with an attached cork underlayment, COREtec offers comfort and warmth to complement its durability.

The company’s engineered hardwood floors are also considered a standout when it comes to performance and durability. Marketed as the Castle Combe brand, these beautiful floors stand the test of time while contributing to your home’s value. This flooring is stained and finished in US Floor’s Dalton manufacturing facility to ensure the best in craftsmanship.

Choosing Flooring from US Floors

usfloors-coretec-laminate-flooringUS Floors is an industry leader when it comes to sustainability and durability, but that’s not all the company offers. The company also boasts a diverse selection of flooring products in styles that will fit practically any area. Whatever you’re seeking for your space, you’ll be able to find a luxury flooring product from this American company that meets your needs. Offering the unique and the remarkable is what US Floors does best, and we’re proud to carry a wide selection of these beautiful, durable floors at our S&G Carpet and More showrooms.