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An Amazing Selection of Carpets for Residential & Commercial Settings in Roseville

High-quality carpets can make all the difference in the comfort and appearance of your Roseville home or business. Finding the right new carpet is easy at S&G Carpet and More. We carry a wide selection of carpet at excellent prices in our Roseville showrooms. We’re proud to offer every kind of flooring that you could need.

If you’re ready to choose new carpeting, visit one of our showrooms near Roseville today. Our flooring consultants can show you our huge selection of carpet and help you find the right flooring for your space. You’ll save time when you shop at one of our Roseville showrooms because we have a selection wide enough to offer something for everyone.

Your Roseville Carpeting Experts

At S&G Carpet and More, we’ve served as Roseville’ flooring experts since 1948. We’ve grown our operations to six showrooms so that we can provide the best in flooring for clients throughout the Roseville area. Our huge stock of carpeting flooring in Roseville means that we can also offer the best prices in the area to all of our customers.

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Choosing the Right Carpets for Your Roseville Property

When it’s time to choose new carpets for your Roseville home or business, it’s essential to select a style and color or pattern that will suit your decor needs. Make sure to keep the volume of traffic in your space in mind as some types of carpet are better suited to high traffic than others. It’s also important to know the total square footage of the space that you need to carpet so you can make a budget-wise choice when visiting a Roseville carpet showroom.

We’re proud to employ highly trained flooring consultants in Roseville who can help you choose the right carpeting for your space. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about our products and to help you choose the style that will best meet your demands. Stop by anytime to talk to us about your flooring needs.

Residential Carpeting in Roseville

If you’re choosing carpeting for a residential space in Roseville, you should prioritize comfort and durability. Take time to think through how much traffic the area to be carpeted is likely to see. Opt for high-performance, low-pile carpets for high-traffic areas. SG Carpet Roseville carpeting has been designed to provide for excellent durability and performance while also improving the overall appearance of your space. Reserve plush or thicker styles of carpeting for low-traffic areas.

It’s also important to think about pattern and color when shopping for new carpet in Roseville. Be sure to take the current decor scheme of the room that you need to have carpeted into account. Identify the central colors in your spaces and choose carpets that will complement them. It’s a good idea to choose neutral carpeting colors or patterns if you want to leave your decorating possibilities wide open.

Commercial Carpeting in Roseville

When shopping for carpeting for commercial spaces in Roseville, it’s important to find durable carpeting that will retain an attractive appearance even when faced with heavy use. Performance carpet in Roseville that is designed for commercial use is a great choice for business owners who need a budget-friendly carpeting solution. We’re proud to offer carpet in Roseville that can withstand regular cleaning while still performing up to your expectations.

We also offer textured and lush luxury carpeting in Roseville for commercial spaces. We have such a wide selection of carpeting, you’ll find that it’s easy to discover flooring that will impress your clients and customers.

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Roseville, CA

Roseville is the largest city in Placer County, part of the Sacramento Metro area. Originally a stage coach station called Griders, Roseville eventually became the home of Southern Pacific Railroad facilities. Roseville was a railroad town for decades until the 1950’s when the city expanded in an effort to stay relevant in an economy where railroads were becoming obsolete due to the creation of the interstate highway system.

Roseville saw modest growth until the population in the area exploded between 1985 and 2000. The population boom in Roseville also meant that the city would grow to provide the people with shopping malls, major retailers, and suburban homes. While Roseville was expanding rapidly, it came to a screeching halt when the recession hit. Half developed and empty buildings became quite commonplace until the economy began to bounce back.

Roseville holds onto tradition and its roots despite growing from a railroad town to a bustling city. Roseville has several projects geared towards the revitalization of the older areas that have become more rundown but still hold historical significance.

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