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We Bring the Store to Your Door

Shopping at home for flooring isn’t a new concept, but many homeowners are still unsure of why they might choose the home shopping experience instead of visiting showrooms. While there is no right or wrong way to shop for flooring, choosing home shopping does offer several advantages. Our clients choose home shopping time and again because it:

  • Offers the highest degree of convenience possible.
  • Allows homeowners to see how flooring will really look with walls, furniture and other home decor features.
  • Offers a huge selection of merchandise and personalized help locating desirable flooring products.
  • Provides homeowners with the guidance that they need to make wise purchasing decisions.

What to Expect When we Visit

On the day of your shop at home appointment, one of our flooring professionals will come to your home with a selection of products designed to meet your needs. Your flooring consultant will show you samples in your home, allowing you to see how flooring choices play against decor colors, lighting, furniture pieces and other home items. Your consultant will provide you with comprehensive information about a variety of flooring products and will help you select those products that best meet your demands.

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